World top events

Live coverage of F1, Wimbledon or British Open can never beat the joy of being actually there with an invitation card marked with three letters “VIP”. We will arrange for you to be near sport celebrities or movie stars.

Full service includes air tickets, transfers, luxury accommodation, tickets to city events, and rich accompanying program. Furthermore, we can bring you to your idols in the fastest and most comfortable way that only a private jet can offer. The ideal mode of transportation for 4 to 16 people. Gone are the days of expensive aircraft rentals. So why waste time in the clouds, in the crowded airport halls, lounges while in transfer, if you can spend this time in entertainment or with your business partners. Private transfers are automatically provided and a helpful counselor will be available at all times. We place the highest priority on individual treatment. You are a V.I.P. so do not settle for less and expect the maximum or best outcome from your business trip or holiday.